Monday, August 11, 2014

Cap Gun Monday: HUBLEY CHAMP

Anybody have one of these? The Champ, I'm told, was modeled after the 1911 Colt .45 semi-automatic designed by John Browning. It's a mice little handful of non-lethal steel. 

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Anonymous said...

I noticed a couple of "oil" holes... ever put any oil in? Do they help the gun "action" or are they just cosmetic? ~ El Kabong

Evan Lewis said...

The manufacturers were serious about recommending oil, but I never knew anyone who used it. I suppose a few of the guns I have now could use it, and I could put whatever's left over on my hair.

Cap'n Bob said...

Be not glib, my friend. Cap guns, like their real life counterparts, require a modicum of maintenance. A spritz of WD-40 or a droplet of 3-in-1 oil would serve these fine American replicas well.

You can use Wildroot on your hair.

Unknown said...

I have one. How much is it worth? I would like to sell it