Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Overlooked Films: PHILIP MARLOWE, PRIVATE EYE meets "The King in Yellow"

A few weeks back we looked at "The Pencil," the premiere episode of the HBO series Philip Marlowe, Private Eye (HERE). We now present episode 2, coming to you direct from April 23, 1983.

"The King in Yellow" began life in the March 1938 issue of Dime Detective, featuring a hotel house dick named Steve Grayce. You can read the full text online HERE. This may have been one of several stories in which the detective was later changed to Marlowe for book publication, but the trail is twisty and - at the moment - I can't lay my hands on all my Chandler books.

I refer you to Sweet Freedom for the latest in fine Overlooked Films.


Rick said...

I bought those back when they were available. It was a well done series and Powers Boothe was very good in the role.

Oscar Case said...

I always looked forward to the next Marlowe movie after watching one.