Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pitch Practice in Action

Yeah, as I mentioned, the annual Willamette Writers Conference was last weekend, and for the sixth or seventh year in a row I spent most of all three days hanging around the Pitch Practice room, helping folks refine their pitches, providing quick input on first chapters and query letters, and offering advice on plot problems. By Saturday afternoon (Day 2) I was dang near brain dead, and by Sunday night I was a zombie. As usual, it was well worth it. I met many nice and talented writers, including at least two future stars, Erica Steele Adams and Christi R. Suzanne. Names to be reckoned with.

This year, for the first time, we had to do without the valiant leadership of Jackie Blain, who recently left our humble burg for the bright lights of New York City. Here's hoping she'll grace us with her presence next year.

Joining me in fielding literary ptiches were many fine writers, and I'm indebted to them all. Sadly, I failed to get incriminating pictures of two of them - Debbie Guyol and Holly Franko. (Sorry folks. See comment above about being brain dead). We also had a crew of screenwriters recruited by Portland filmmaker David Poulshock listening to film pitches. Thanks gang!

Lisa Albers

Marlene Howard

Kassandra Kelly

Becky Kjelstrom

Ann Littlewood

The notorious Cap'n Bob Napier

Angela Sanders

D'Norgia Taylor-Price

Our soul and inspiration, Jackie Blain


Cap'n Bob said...

Where's Tara?

And you've been spammed by a used car jackass, of all people.

Cap'n Bob said...

Spammer gone. Good work.

Christi R. Suzanne said...

I just saw this post about WW Conference. It was so great to meet you. Your editing skills are much appreciated and your writing is not too shabby either.

Thanks for the shout out!