Monday, February 2, 2015

Cap Gun Monday: Actoy LONE RANGER

No Lone Ranger I can recall carried a six-shooter that looked like this, but that didn't stop Actoy, makers of the Buntline Special I posted last year (HERE), from slapping his name on it. The only other L.R. gun I have is a silver Fanner 50 that does not bear his name, but has unique plain white grips and came in a black rubber Lone Ranger holster adorned with a silver bullet. We'll see that further down the trail. Hi-Yo. 

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Cap'n Bob said...

Nice scroll work on the barrel.

Unknown said...

Great stuff! But, my, my, what has happened to our culture? When I was the Lone Ranger in my backyard (while Florence Anne from across the road was Tonto -- a gendered role-playing that I didn't full appreciate until years later -- although we did occasionally play doctor), I was a deadly shot with my cap-gun (until the rolls of caps got "jammed" in the six-shooter). Now, if a kid plays with a similar gun, he (or she) is likely to be either expelled from school or shot by the local sheriff's deputy. So when (and why) did we become so intolerant of kids being kids?