Monday, February 23, 2015

Cap Gun Monday: MARX Miniature Sharp's Carbine

The Sharp's carbine was a relatively short weapon - less than four feet long - but that's still a lot longer than the Marx Miniature, which is only about 7 inches. Though it was widely used by cavalrymen during and after the Civil War, it was not the gun issued to Custer's 7th.

Marx later issued this gun with a silver finish. This one's a little blurry because it's still on the card under a blister pack.

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Oscar Case said...

The last picture or two shows a lot of use on the stock. Do you still play with it?

Evan Lewis said...

Yeah, I shoot miniature Indians and midget buffaloes.

Cap'n Bob said...

Custer's troops had Springfield rifles, that jammed when the receivers heated up. The Sharps was a far superior weapon and this is a nice miniature.

Shay said...

Filthy-minded beasts 😉

Love this one. My dad had a Sharps when he first started black-powder shooting, along with his Springfield, then switched to a Smith later.