Saturday, February 14, 2015

Toy Soldier Saturday: TIM-MEE KNIGHTS

Some Tim-Mee figures had strangely awkward poses (especially the pirates, HERE), but on these knights (except for the last one) it looks pretty good. The wide-legged stance on most of these guys allowed the company to produce both standing and mounted figures of the same poses. If I possess any Tim-Mee lances, I couldn't find them, so these boys had to borrow from their smaller-scale Lido brethren (HERE). 

Our Toy Soldier parade is HERE.


Rick Robinson said...

I thought maybe you'd skip the toy figures this week and give us Valentine's Day pulp or comics covers. Drat.

Oscar Case said...

Back to the middle ages and beyond. Nice collection.

Cap'n Bob said...

More stuff I don't have. I've always liked those dramatic poses, too.