Monday, March 23, 2015

Pulp Gallery: THE CONTINENTAL OP (Part 1)

"Arson Plus" Oct 1 1923

Today and tomorrow we proudly present peeks at the covers of all but one of the 36 magazines featuring first appearances of Continental Op stories. Most of these were borrowed, with much gratitude, from the spectacular website Galactic Central. That's HERE. The first Black Mask cover (above), and the sole issue of True Detective Mysteries, appeared on Don Herron's always-interesting blog, Up and Down These Mean Streets, HERE. 

"Slippery Fingers" and "Crooked Souls" Oct 15 1923

"It" Nov 1 1923

"Bodies Piled Up" Nov 1 1923

"The Tenth Clew (or Clue)" Jan 1 1924

"Night Shots" Feb 1 1924

"Zigzags of Treachery" Mar 1 1924

"One Hour" Apr 1 1924

"The House in Turk Street" Apr 15 1924

"The Girl with the Silver Eyes" June 1924

"Women, Politics and Murder" Sept 1924

"The Golden Horseshoe" Nov 1924

"Who Killed Bob Teal?" Nov 1924

"Mike, Alec or Rufus?" Jan 1925

"The Whosis Kid" Mar 1925

"The Scorched Face" May 1925

"Corkscrew" Sept 1925

"Dead Yellow Women" Nov 1925

Come on back tomorrow for the rest.


Rick Robinson said...

Great post. Wish I could help you with the missing cover, but can't. You're making me want to set aside my other reading and reread some Hammett!

By the way, loved your story in AHMM.

Cap'n Bob said...

Odd, but I always thought the magazine was called Black Mask, not The Black Mask. Did they change it along the way or am I hallucinating again?

Evan Lewis said...

Yeah, they dropped the "The" in 1927, shortly after Joe Shaw took over as editor.

Terry Zobeck said...

Mike Humbert's Hammett site has a cover image for the issue with The Whosis Kid.

Great series of posts on Hammett and the Op.