Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pulp Gallery: THE CONTINENTAL OP (Part 2)

"The Gutting of Couffignal" Dec 1925

Here's the big finish to our galley of mags featuring the adventures of the Continental Op. All these but one (you can guess which) was borrowed from Galactic Central, HERE

"Creeping Siamese" Mar 1926

"The Big Knockover" Feb 1927

"$106,000 Blood Money" May 1927

"The Main Death" June 1927

"The Cleansing of Poisonville" Nov 1927

"Crime Wanted - Male or Female" Dec 1927

"This King Business" Jan 1928

"Dynamite" Jan 1928

"The 19th Murder" Feb 1928

"Black Lives" Nov 1928

"The Hollow Temple" Dec 1928

"Black Honeymoon" Jan 1929- 

"Black Riddle" Feb 1929

"Fly Paper" Aug 1929

"The Farewell Murder" Feb 1930

"Death and Company" Nov 1930

And yeah, I know this one doesn't really count, but what the hell.

"The Continental Opposite" May 2015


Rick Robinson said...

Another terrific post. Do you have another ConOp story in the offing?

Evan Lewis said...

Yes! It's called "The Continental Opera."