Thursday, March 19, 2015

"The Continental Opposite" in AHMM

I'm mighty pleased to announce that the May 2015 issue of AHMM is now on sale, featuring a story inspired by Mr. Dashiell Hammett - and the great nonfiction book Portland Confidential by Phil Stanford.
It's 1953, and Portland's mayor, police chief and half the force are in the pocket of the mob. Things are so bad that the even the local branch of the Continental agency is corrupt, so the bosses bring Hammett's Continental Op out of retirement and send him to Portland to clean up the town. And it's going to be a big job, so this is only the first in a series . . .

If you can't find a print copy of this issue at your local Barnes & Noble, there are several places you can grab an e-copy. And it's cheaper. Here are a few I know about:
- Amazon offers single issues for Kindle, iPad or PC for $3.49. That's HERE.
- Barnes & Noble sells it for Nook, also $3.49, HERE.
- Google Play has it for android devices, $3.49, HERE
- Magzter sells it for $3.99, HERE

And here's a preview. It's FREE. 


Cap'n Bob said...

I paid $4.99 plus tax at my almost-local B&N, and since I was there blew another $40 on modeling magazines.

Evan Lewis said...

My pal Alf appreciates your patronage.

RK said...

Got yesterday at Rich's Cigars on Alder.

Evan Lewis said...

That's good news, RK. A couple of years ago, they weren't carrying either AHMM or EQMM.