Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Continental Op doesn't give a damn . . .

, , , but the Continental Opposite does . . .
and he (Pete Collins) and his alter-ego (me) wish to thank all those who've helped bring his story to light.

We'll start the roll call with AHMM Editor Linda Landrigan and Senior Assistant Editor Jackie Sherbow, who saw fit to include the tale in their fine magazine, and who chose to publish a lengthy excerpt (HERE) on the Mystery Place website.

Then there are those folks who've featured the story on their blogs, including Janet Reid (HERE), Don Herron (HERE), Cap'n Bob Napier (HERE) and James Reasoner (HERE). And those who've helped spread the word here and there, such as Patti Abbott, J. Kingston Pierce, Ethan Hobart and Matthew Clark.

Pete and I are equally grateful to our pre-submission readers, who included Misters Herron and Napier, Richard Robinson, Richard Prosch, John Hegenberger and my stalwart Writing Groupers (in alphabetical order): Jackie Blain, Christine Finlayson, Kassandra Kelly, Becky Kjelstrom, Doug Levin, Ann Littlewood, Marilyn McFarland and Angela Sanders.

And finally to Phil Stanford, whose book Portland Confidential introduced me to the seamy underbellly of Portland in the 1950s, and Mr. Samuel Dashiell Hammett, without whom--well, you know.

If I've forgotten anyone (as I surely have) I deserve to have the Op tie my neck in a knot (which he surely will).

The May 2015 AHMM may still be lurking on the racks of your neighborhood Barnes and Noble store, and is instantly available for your e-reader from Amazon (HERE), B&N (HERE), Google Play (HERE) and Magzter (HERE).


Richard said...

Glad I could be of help, and it's a fine story you've written, lad.

Charles Gramlich said...

Thumbs up!

Cap'n Bob said...

Probably your best yet, and all the others were damn fine.