Thursday, February 1, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON Part 4 (1988-91)

All photos by Sir Arthur Scott, except Pasadena, when he was AWOL 
(and the one he's in, I reckon)

1988 - San Diego

with "Bill Jr.," a gift from Cap'n Bob

with Bruce Taylor and Steve Stilwell

with Richard Moore

with Jeff Smith and Linda Toole

with a cool hat and a Coke(!)

with Junior and Jeff Smith

 with Richard Moore, Steve Stilwell and Bruce Taylor

Talking to the hand

1989 - Philadelphia

 with Steve Stilwell and Art Scott

with Jeff Meyerson and Kevin & Leslie Dunn

with Bob Briney, Ellen Nehr and Bryan Barret

 with Steve Lewis, Ellen Nehr, George Kelley and Bob Briney

with Jeff Smith, Andy Jaysnovitch, Mary Ann Grochowski, 
Linda Toole, Judy Crider and Bob Briney

1991 - Pasadena
pics by Ellen Nehr

with Jeff and Ann Smith and Cap'n Bob Napier

Thanks to Bob and Art for naming names.


Art Scott said...

I missed '91 Pasadena. Photos were provided to me by Ellen Nehr.

Evan Lewis said...

Duly noted!