Sunday, February 11, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON, etc. Part 11 (2010-12)

Thanks to Art Scott, King of the Snapshots
and two other sources

2010 - San Francisco

with Judy

(found on Sweet Freedom)

with Robin Burcell
(from Bill's blog)

2011 - St. Louis

getting his Bcon jollies (Jackie Meyerson at left)

with Diane Kelley, Jackie and Jeff Meyerson, Maggie Mason and Judy

with Tom Roberts, Grand PooBah of Black Dog Books

with Steve Steinbock and George Kelley

with Jeff Meyerson and Judy

with Tom Roberts, Bob Randisi and Larry Sweazy
(from Bill's blog, I think)

with Jeff Smith, Jeff Meyerson (blue shirt) and Jackie Meyerson. Diane Kelley in foreground, with headless husband George

with Maggie Mason, Judy, Beth Feydn and Ann Smith

with Maggie Mason and Judy

2011 - Livermore (Art's House)

with Tom Neary, Judy, Angela Crider Neary and Bruce Taylor (and Art, of course, who's being bashful)

an early adventure (circa 1983) of Art and his brother Shot
(as read by Bill)

2012 - Napa Valley Napoleons

 Bill did NOT make it to Bouchercon that year. He spent his nickels flying to California, where he attended a meeting of the local Sherlockian society. 

with Judy and their son-in-law Tom Neary

Bob and Art helped again. Thanks guys.

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