Monday, February 12, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON, etc. Part 12 (2014-15)

Photos sources noted when known (or remembered)

2014 - Sonoma (Neary residence)

Bill and Bruce Taylor see something of interest

Judy wonders what it is

and finds that boys never stop being boys
(Arturo Scott, Paparazzo Supreme) 

2015 - Raleigh

with Lee Goldberg (from Lee's blog)

with Linda Landrigan, Josh Pachter and Janet Hutchings 
(from Something Is Going To Happen)

with Karin Slaughter, Megan Abbott and Lawrence Block
(pics above and below from The Rap Sheet)

with Ali Karim 

with Angela Crider Neary, Patti Abbott, George Kelley, Ted Fitzgerald, Thom Walls, Phil Abbott and Jackie Meyerson 
(from Bill's blog, photo by Jeff Meyerson)

 with Kaye Wilkinson Barley
(above and below from Kaye's blog)

with Lesa Holstine

2015 - Pronzini residence

Bill, Bruce and Bill

and all the books . . .

. . . in the world
(shot by Art Scott)


Charles Gramlich said...

Bill is certainly proving his toughness now

Evan Lewis said...

Bill is my hero.