Friday, May 25, 2018

Forgotten Books: BILL CRIDER'S Intro to The Body Looks Familiar / The Late Mrs.Five by Richard Wormser

I've been reading this book, and it's mighty damn good. Bill Crider said pretty much the same thing (far more eruditely, and with a lot more words) in the Introduction he wrote last September for this new Stark House edition. So I'm going to shut up and let Bill tell you about it. (The fingers in these pics belong to my wife Irene, and if they're dirty it's because I interrupted her gardening to hold the book.) 


Rick Robinson said...

He sure does make this boo sound appealing. I may have to get it.

George said...

I loved Bill Crider's introductions to STARK HOUSE omnibuses. Bill always had something to say about the books that I hadn't known. STARK HOUSE is one of my favorite publishers because they're returning some great books back to print.

TracyK said...

I love this introduction to the book. I would buy the book just for the introduction. Thanks for sharing it.