Sunday, May 27, 2018

THE MALTESE FALCON Comic Book (1946)

Happy Birthday, Dashiell Hammett!

Last year around this time, I celebrated by posting this 1946 David McKay comic book adaptation one chapter a day, which made for a whole lot of posts. This time, I'm hitting you with the whole thing at once. If you happened to see it last year, be assured it's well worth reading again.

The stylish artwork is by Rodlow Willard, best known for his work from 1946-1954 on the Scorchy Smith comic strip.



Stephen Mertz said...

Wonderful. Missed it last time around. Nice to have it in one post. Thanks for posting

Cap'n Bob said...

Have you seen the all-avian version of this? The bird who plays Spade says, "I won't play the sapsucker for you!"