Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spawn of NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo is over, but . . . it's spawned more imitators than American Idol.

You may have heard of GePoWriMo (Gerald So's Poetry Writing Month), but hold onto your hats, wordslingers, that's only the beginning. Check out this list of links from the NaNoWriMo web site. Descriptions and comments are those of the NaNo staff:

NaNoFiMo.org - National Novel Finishing Month (December). Goal: 30,000 words.

FAWM - February Album Writing Month (February). Goal: Write 14 original songs in a month.

NaNoEdMo - National Novel Editing Month (March). Goal: Commit to 50 hours of novel editing.

Script Frenzy - NaNoWriMo's sister challenge (April). Goal: Write a 100-page screenplay or stage play in April.

RePoWriMo - Refrigerator Poetry Writing Month (April). Goal: Write poetry using only refrigerator poetry magnets.

NEPMo - National Epic Poetry Month (May). Goal: Write 5,000 lines epic poem in May.

SoCNoC - Southern Cross Novel Challenge (June). Goal: Write 50,000 words of fiction.

WriDaNoJu - Write a Damn Novel in June (June). Goal: Write 50K in the 30 days of June. It's perfectly situated six months from November so you have optimum time to prepare for WriDaNoJu and NaNoWriMo.

SoFoBoMo - Solo Photo Book Month (Between May first and June 31). Goal: Create a solo photo book within 31 days.

JulNoWriMo - July Novel Writing Month (July). Goal: 50,000 words for a new or unfinished manuscript.

24 Hour Comics Day - (Changes annually, lasts 24 hours). Goal: Draw a 24-page comic in one 24-hour period.

48 Hour Film Project - (Varies; operates via tours around the USA, lasts 48 hours). Goal: Create a short film in 48 hours.

Book in a Week - (Begins on the Monday of the first full week of each month, lasts one week). Goal: Write a novel.

April Fool's - (April). Goal: Set a word-count goal for yourself and fulfill it by the end of the month.

AugNoWriMo - August Novel Writing Month (August). Goal: Write a novel in one month.

3-Day Novel Contest - (September). Goal: Write a novel in three days. They've been doing this since 1977. So cool!

SeptNoWriMo - September Novel Writing Month (September). Goal: Set a word-count goal and edit, write, or edit and write throughout the month of September!

NaPlWriMo - National Playwriting Month (November). Goal: Write a play in one month.

NaBloPoMo - National Blog Posting Month (Year-Round). Goal: Post every day for a month.

WriYe - (Year-Round). Goal: Set a word-count goal for the year and work towards it between January 1 and December 31.

JanNoWriMo - Goal: Write either 50k or your own word-count goal in January.


Laurie Powers said...

Amazing. But then it shouldn't surprise me I guess.

Cap'n Bob said...

Like people don't turn out enough dreck, now they have to do it in a frenzy. Too bad Avallone is dead.

Richard Prosch said...

Some of these really stretch a point. Like "WriYe."

Why not just have an org. called "Write."

And then, y'know, just do that.

Evan Lewis said...

I don't plan to participate in any of these (at least not at the moment). But I've unwittingly been playing NaPloPoMo since August.

SoFoBoMo (May-June) would be a swell time for Laurie to do that 3W coffee table book.

Cap'n Bob said...

C'mon, Evan, write a nice 5,000-word love poem for us.

Rittster said...

I'm doing the refrigerator magnet one. Or maybe I'll use dominoes. Or I could do it on Rosh Hashanah and use Mahjong tiles.

Rittster said...

I think the best one isn't even on the list:

ToSeWriMo--Toilet Seat Writing Month (Jan-Dec). Goal: Pick your favorite household toilet seat and re-write WAR AND PEACE in Ebonics.