Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Story With No Name, Part 19 by Richard Prosch

Yep, that blond rattlesnake known as Vic Sawtell returns to the round-robin epic Story With No Name. But Walt Arnside gets another step closer to learning the secret of the treasure ship in the desert. And sweet but deadly Lola - what's that she sees in the swirling sands ahead?

All this and more in this week's thrilling installment, brought to you by Richard Prosch at Meridian Bridge.

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And next week, Paul Dellinger will present Part 20 on Laurie's Wild West.


Richard Prosch said...

That Kodak of Sawtell is a good likeness. You and him wouldn't be in cahoots...?

David Cranmer said...

I will click over and continue to enjoy this very original presentation.

Ray said...

Thanks, Dave, for getting the guys back together.
I'm glad Richard brought Vic Sawtell back.

Evan Lewis said...

It's true, Rich. Vic has promised me a cut of his share, which he estimates at 100%.

Desmond Soames said...

I'm curious what the rules for this thing are. length, plot, location, etc. Does it even really have to be a western? Could all this be happening in the future, or could the mystery ship turn out to be Noah's Ark, or...? Just curious.

Evan Lewis said...

Interesting notions, Desmond. We didn't really set any rules, but as the story was first announced on the Black Horse Western board, and led off with three Black Horse authors (I.J. Parnham, Chuck Tyrell and Jack Giles), it was pretty much understood we'd stay within the boundaries of the traditional western. The story is now building toward a climax, with only a handful of chapters to go, so if anyone introduced an alien at this point he/she would probably be shot.

Anonymous said...

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