Monday, March 29, 2010

Alamo Pilgrimage 3: Battle Aftermath

Following the battle reenactment on March 6, 2010, participants got chummy with one another and posed for us tourists.

Santa Anna chats with a Texian rebel.

The New Orleans Greys show off their gun.

 Is that Jim Bowie? Close! It's Ron Ianitello.

Davy meets Davy.

Defenders swap email addresses.
This fearsome fellow is actually a concert trombonist.

Jim Bonham (Wade Dillon) still has some fight in him.

For more photos (and a battle video) from my Alamo trip, click HERE. More pics coming soon.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I got to San Antonio once and my biggest surprise, as I am sure everyone's is, is how small the Alamo is. I assumed it was a formidable fortress.

Evan Lewis said...

The Alamo was never meant as a fortress, just a mission grounds - but it was WAY bigger than what's left today. Here's a drawing that shows what it likely looked like:

Anonymous said...

Very good. And if that fearsome fella says it's a trombone... it's a trombone.