Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Complete Crocadilettante -or- It's a Croc(k) by Bill Crider

With the kind permission of Mr. Bill and The Not So Private Eye editor Andy Jaysnovitch, we present this time-lost study in Crocodilology. It appeared in NSPE 10 in 1982. The final page featured the beginning of another article (not by Bill), so I plugged in a couple of book reviews from elsewhere in the issue. The first, I assume, is by Andy himself. The other is by that young whippersnapper author of Texas Wind.

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Todd Mason said...

So, Bill wasn't yet familiar with the other sort of Sayles film (or fiction)...but I'd forgotten why he'd be onto Pynchon, in part, from jump.

A real pity how long it took TEXAS WIND, at least, to find another home. In Conneticut in the early '70s, Manor Books were pretty easily available. Maybe nowhere elee.

Richard Robinson said...

Absolutely wonderful to read, thanks Evan. Crider had a sense of humor then.

He still does. I wish he'd write a blockbuster croc novel, up to date so we cold have cell phones ringing inside like the alarm clock in the alligator of Peter Pan fame. Maybe atom bomb tests have made the crocs intelligent and they use laptop computers to blog and lure people into the sewers to meet them...

Take over Bill.

Evan Lewis said...

I second that motion! Get to work, Bill. The world awaits your Croc epic. It's the book you were born to write.

Unknown said...

If I weren't so old and lazy, I'd write it. But now I have to leave it to the younger guys.

Anonymous said...

Conceit is the quicksand of success.

University College London,UCL

Anonymous said...

The best hearts are always the bravest.