Saturday, June 21, 2014

Toy Soldier Saturday: MARX VIKINGS

These guys are 54mm (about 2 inches tall) and usually showed up in Marx playsets as the bad guys. The good guys were Marx knights, who were kept busy preventing these guys from storming their Marx castle. Marx also made a set of 6-inch dime store Vikings. I believe some of the 6-inch poses were similar, but slightly different.

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Anonymous said...

I never saw any vikings (in any size) in soft plastic before. I do remember a "Warriors of the World" Viking set that had hard, painted figures.

Also, I never saw Vikings and knights in the same set, although it seems like a natural idea, like cowboys (or cavalry) and Indians. I do remember a knight set with soft plastic figures (probably 2") and a castle.

Anonymous said...

Aw man, these guys take me back.
I fought a thousand Robert E. Howard-inspired battles with them. In the garden, on the lawn, on the living room floor, they fought fearlessly against plastic knights, ogre-sized GI Joes, and a ravenous toy rubber alligator just big enough to swallow them whole.

I always knew they were cool, but looking at them now I see how fine their sculpts were.

John Hocking

Cap'n Bob said...

I bought the recasts and painted a set. I wish I knew where they are. I have the originals and the 6" figures, too, but no Warriors of the World. It would have seemed natural to have the Vikings storm a castle, but they were only sold in bagged sets according to Geppert.

Evan Lewis said...

There are a couple of pics halfway down this LONG page that show vikings in a Fighting Knights Carryall.