Saturday, October 18, 2014

Toy Soldier Saturday: MPC WWII JAPANESE

These 2 1/4 inch soldiers came a little late to the war, showing up sometime in the early '60s, but they've made up for it by fighting ever since. And unless some future kid bites their heads off or takes a cigarette lighter to them, they'll probably keep on fighting until the Crack of Doom. 

More small plastic armies HERE.


Anonymous said...

"Banzai!!!" Where did you get all your soldiers? My parents only bought me one bag of GI's and a set of cowboys and indians that I can remember. I didn't know about the others you've shown. ~ Fleet Commander Johnson, retired

Evan Lewis said...

Twenty-some years ago I had nothing but paper collectibles, which was fine until mold ate through the wall and ruined a bunch of old paperbacks. I decided it was time to collect something mold-proof, and started picking up cap gun at flea markets, thrift stores and antique joints. Eventually, inspired by the immortal Cap'b Bob, I started seeking toy soldiers in the same places. Ain't bought any in a coon's age, but I'm still hoarding them. I know I had Zorro, Alamo, Civil War, WWII and Fort Apache sets as a kid, along with a lot of misc cowboys and Indians, all of which my ma threw out when we left Minnesota.

Cap'n Bob said...

You had more playsets than I. I love the bucked-tooth Japanazi with the glasses. I know I've seen him in a couple of war movies.