Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pulp Gallery: Norman Saunders on SAUCY MOVIE TALES




More Saucy Movie Tales HERE.


Cap'n Bob said...

Hot-cha-cha! The contents couldn't possibly live up to those great covers.

Peter Collinson said...

Again, no matter how many times I see this pulp's covers, I'm always startled by their more explicit nudity. Even the Spicies weren't going to risk covers like this.
Interior art aside, this was the only pulp that allowed nipples on the cover, right?
Must have been under-the-counter, scandalous stuff back then. Geez, imagine a world where these images were some of the most prurient material around.

Evan Lewis said...

There were a surprising number of true "Girlie' pulps with nipples on the cover (and some apparently had nude photos inside), but this mag and its sister publication MYSTERY ADVENTURES (sometimes without the S) are the only ones I've seen pretending to be anything else. Yeah, I think these were sold mostly under the counter, and there was always some organization or other trying to shut them down, but sex continued to sell.