Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Art of TOM ROBERTS (Part 6)

Our tribute to Mr. Roberts rolls on, with this Crippen & Landru cover from 2007. This time all three scans come to us courtesy of the Richard Robinson University Library. 

This one's from Black Dog's Olden Days of 2002.

And Tom paints like an Egyptian for this Black Dog cover from 2011.

CORRECTION: In case you missed our late update to last week's post, The Raygun Revival cover credited to "Tom Roberts" turned out to be by a whole 'nother Tom Roberts, about whom this Tom and I know nothing. Sheesh, how embarassing. 

More artistic wonders next week.

See our growing gallery of Tom's work (and the other Tom's) HERE

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Oscar Case said...

I like the hieroglyphs with the footballs (haha).