Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Overlooked Audio: THE PIN-UP MURDER MYSTERY on Pulp-Pourri Theatre

The folks who brought us The Shadow: A Trip to Eternity (HERE) and W.C. Tuttle's By Order of Buck Brady (HERE) have a lot of great shows on tap, and one I can particularly recommend is this tribute to the Hardboiled Private Eye.

Pete Lutz, who wrote, produced, and - backed by the Narada Radio Company - even stars in this one, has a great feel for the genre, and The Pin-Up Murder Mystery is exemplary in every way. The script is funny and smart, the production is tight and the acting is dead on.  And I'm not the only one who was impressed. It was a finalist for the Mark Time Awards' "Nick Danger Prize" for Mystery Audio Drama.

You can (and should) listen online or download The Pin-Up Murder Mystery HERE.

P.S.Pete is also a photographer, and photo above is from his very own f/6.3 Studio.


Oscar said...

Just downloaded it.

Evan Lewis said...

Wise decision.