Monday, June 29, 2015

The Art of TOM ROBERTS (Part 7)

Here's Tom's salute to EQMM's distinguished book reviewers. From left to right we have John Dickson Carr, Allen J. Hubin, Anthony Boucher and Jon L. Breen, with conductor Howard Haycraft. 

This insignia appears on Haycraft's hat. It has to mean something. Can anyone tell me what?

You'll no doubt recognize this painting from Part 5 of our series. It first appeared on Crippen & Landru's Hugh B. Cave collection Long Live the Dead.

My undying gratitude goes out to EQMM (and AHMM) Senior Assistant Editor Jackie Sherbow for providing these covers. Thanks, too, to Ann Littlewood, for her technical assistance.

More wonders from the mind and hand of Mr. Roberts next week. To see what has gone before, click HERE.


JoeK said...

It's the logo for the Orient Express.

Evan Lewis said...

Cool! Thanks Joe.