Sunday, September 24, 2017

Jungle Queens and Space Rangers 1: FIGHT COMICS

A few months back we featured scans from Todd Frye's book AMAZING! ASTONISHING! WEIRD! (that's HERE), featuring oodles of great pulp covers. Well, Todd's at it again, this time bringing us about a zillion action-packed comic book covers from Fiction House. That publisher, as you may know, consistently had some of the finest covers in comics, thanks in no small part to its association with the (Will) Eisner and (Jerry) Iger Studio. 

All this week, we'll be looking at samples from the new book, Jungle Queens and Space Rangers. It leads off with all 84 covers from Fight Comics, published between 1940 and 1954. It's mighty interesting to see the focus progress from two-fisted adventurers like Shark Brodie to the costumed heroes Power Man and Super-American, and eventually find a steady headliner in the Sheena clone called Tiger Girl.

Tomorrow: Sheena of the Jungle and Jumbo Comics


Oscar Case said...

Plenty good covers there.

TC said...

Fiction House appears to have been aiming at a slightly older audience than DC, Fawcett, and most other publishers. Not adults, of course, but maybe teenage boys.

Cap'n Bob said...

Love the art.

Evan Lewis said...

I think you're right on, TC. They were aiming for guys of just about the same mental age as me.