Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Jungle Queens and Space Rangers 3: JUNGLE COMICS

Jungle Comics, inspired by Fiction House's first pulp mag Jungle Stories, began in 1940 and ran 163 issues. Every one of them starred a jungle lord named Kaänga, backed by a variety of other strips, including The Red Panther, Simba - King of Beast, Wambi the Jungle Boy, Tabu the Jungle Wizard, Capt. Terry Thunder and Camilla - Queen of the Lost Empire. I'm mighty curious why they didn't use Ki-Gor, their already established pulp star, in the Tarzan role, but that's a mystery for another day.

All 163 covers are here in Todd Frye's new Jungle Queens and Space Rangers, along with complete runs of four other Fiction House titles. Here are scans of just a few . . . 

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Day after tomorrow: WINGS COMICS

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