Saturday, September 23, 2017

YouTube Theater: The Weird, Weird World of TIN-TAN

I've never seen a Tin-Tan movie, and wouldn't understand it if I did. But I know weirdness when I see it. Wikipedia tells me Tin-Tan was a Mexican actor, singer and comedian whose real name was Germán Valdés, and these are only a few of the wacky films he made in the '50s, '60s and early '70s. La Casa del Terror, I understand, really does feature Lon Chaney, who plays a mummy who turns into a werewolf. By the time you see this, I may have succumbed to curiosity and taken a peek, but more likely I'll wait until it appears here and watch some of it (and maybe some of the others) along with you.


Cap'n Bob said...

Ugliest Zorro I ever saw.

Peter Collinson said...

I tried the Zorro flick.
As soon as the main character appeared brain damage began and I had to shut it off before it became irreversible.

Evan Lewis said...

I couldn't watch it all, either. I was surprised, though, that the production values were great. It was at least a medium-budget film, and the acting, except for Tin-Tan himself, was up to Republic Pictures standards.