Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Swashbuckling Adventure of CAPTAIN DARING by Reed Crandall (1950)

Here's another rousing tale from the archives of comicbookplus (check it out!). Buccaneers #19, from January 1950, was the first issue of this title. This story features a cover and pencils from EC great Reed Crandall, and was uploaded by CB+ hero JonTheScanner. It's the next best thing to an Errol Flynn flick, with story elements borrowed from Rafael Sabatini's Captain Blood.


James Reasoner said...

My new favorite insult: "Shrivel you for an impudent galley-bagger!" I'm gonna use that, next internet argument I get into.

Crandall was a great artist.

Cap'n Bob said...

I agree, James, that Crandall was a great artist. Did you ever see the work he did for Treasure Chest?

Evan Lewis said...

I came across one really spectacular Crandall story in Treasure Chest, which will be playing here soon.