Thursday, January 25, 2018

LOUIE FEST 2003: A Chunk of Rock 'n' Roll History

That rock god in the white T-shirt is the world famous Clapton Bob Napier, and the cool dude in black, with the sign of Zorro on his hat, is yours truly. Right behind us, keeping his head down and paying attention to his licks, is Portland music legend (and Rock Residue alumnus) Tough Jim Gaston. We three plunked down twenty bucks for charity (funding arts and music for the Boys and Girls Clubs) to bang on our guitars with The Fabulous Wailers, Paul Revere, members of the Kingsmen, Moby Grape and Heart and about 700 other maniacs at the Tacoma's Cheyney Stadium. 

The goal was to gather a thousand guitar players, and that didn't quite happen, but we made a hell of a lot of noise. Though more Louie Fests followed, they never drew more guitars. We make our appearance at about the 5:07 mark of the video below, and hang around for ten seconds or so. Listen if you dare.


Rick Robinson said...

I've seen it before, but it never gets old.

Oscar Case said...

Hey, that was exciting and looks like a real blast!

Anonymous said...

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