Tuesday, January 30, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON Part 2 (1982-84)

Photos by Art Scott, Emperor of the Universe, ret.

1982 - San Francisco

with Cap'n Bob Napier

with Steve Mertz

with Steve Stilwell

The Bibliomaniac

with Stan Burns, Marv Lachman, and Hal Rice 
- one of whom apparently broke wind

Cap'n Bob and Bill dig through a suitcase full of sleaze

with Steve Mertz

with Dorothy Nathan and Walter Albert

My brush with greatness. That's me bending over to look 
at who knows what, while Bill holds court behind. 

with Cap'n Bob and Kathy Maio

1984 - Chicago

with Kathy Maio, Jeff Meyerson and Judy Crider

with Judy

Bill and Judy with George Kelley and Guy Townsend

with Bill Pronzini, Frank Denton and George Kelley

with Guy Townsend and Cap'n Bob's beard

with Warren Murphy

Thanks again to Cap'n Bob for revealing a few of these identities.


Stephen Mertz said...

That's Bill Pronzini next to Bill in the pic with Frank Denton & George Kelly.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks Steve. I'll add that.

Cap'n Bob said...

The ones son top were taken at Art Scott's house after the con.

Glad I could lend a hand.

Art Scott said...

That's Stan Burns next to Bill in pic 5 with Marv & Hal.

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks again, Art. It's been updated.

Charles Gramlich said...

What a wonderful tribute to a fun loving fellow!