Friday, July 12, 2019

DAVY CROCKETT, the non-Disney Indian Fighter

Sure, you've seen the three original Disney episodes (at least I hope you have), and maybe you've even heard the audio adaptations released and rereleased on Disney 78s and LPs. But because Disney couldn't copyright Davy's name - or his life story - the Plymouth Players jumped on the gravy train and produced their own versions of the stories.

As you'd expect, they're vastly inferior to the Disney productions, but since relatively few were sold, they're a lot harder to come by. I posted IN CONGRESS and AT THE ALAMO on YouTube a couple of years ago, but didn't have INDIAN FIGHTER. Now I do, and it has joined its brothers online.

Each album begins with some unidentified party singing the Disney theme song, then launches into the story (with more songs). The flip side of each LP featured a lot of yodeling by someone called "Cowboy Slim," some of which I posted separately as TRULY INSANE YODELING SONGS. You can hurt your ears with that HERE

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