Tuesday, July 2, 2019

"The Mystery of Mr. Wong" starring Boris Karloff (Comic AND Movie)

Awhile back I posted the comic book adaptation of the first Mr. Wong movie, Mr. Wong, Detective (that's HERE). This is the second in the series (of six), and, sadly, the last I've found in comic books. This three-part adaptation appeared in Popular Comics 44, 45 & 46, from late 1939, and all were scanned for Comic Book Plus by "freddyfly." 

AND, in case you'd like the watch the movie after - or before - or instead of - reading the comic book version, you'll find it way down below.


Cap'n Bob said...

Leaving aside a tall English actor playing an Asian, we have the Eye of the Daughter of the Moon in a Buddha. We have a room that's been ransacked and Wong remarks the murdered girl didn't put up a struggle. We have the word "tous" inexplicably showing up in a sentence. We have a silencer on a revolver.

For all that I enjoyed this little romp despite plots hole big enough to pull a rickshaw through.

TC said...

Silencers on revolvers are probably one of the most common flubs in movies and TV crime dramas.

Mr. Wong was Monogram's answer to the very popular Charlie Chan movies. In the late 1940s, after Fox dropped the Chan series, Monogram picked it up, and got to do the real thing instead of the imitation.

Anonymous said...

Some of Monogram's Chan films were remakes, re-using scripts from the Mr. Wong movies.

The last Wong movie, Phantom of Chinatown, starred Keye Luke instead of Karloff. It must have been a reboot or a prequel, since Wong and Captain Street (Grant Withers) seemed to be meeting for the first time. Maybe they had to do it that way, because Luke was obviously younger than Karloff.