Friday, June 4, 2021

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine - No. 1 (1941)

Some months ago, my old friend and fellow book collector Jim Rogers passed away, and left behind a complete run of EQMM from 1941 to 1959. Those mags have now passed into the care of another old friend, Mr. Larry Paschelke, and Larry agreed to let me scan the covers and share them with you here. (Jim, I have no doubt, would have done the same had I asked, but I didn't know he had them!) 

Our benefactors: Jim (above) and Larry (below)

Anyway, I plan to post covers and selected contents of those mags, beginning right now. The contents pages may seem redundant, but I found the copyright info interesting, clueing us in on where the reprints originally appeared. 

If you haven't yet discovered it, there's a great site where you can find  complete scans of many issues, including this one (that's HERE). All the covers are shown, too, but some are hard to see.

Stay tuned. Many more years to come.

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