Sunday, June 20, 2021

More Movie Posters of 1933? Why the hell not.


Glen Davis said...

Buck Jones in an airplane would get me to go see The Thrill Hunter.

Jack Holt was the father of Tim and Jennifer Holt, and was a major star of the silent era. He kept chugging into the talkies. I think his last movie might be The Trail of Robin Hood.

Matthew Clark said...

Last full year before the Breen Office really started enforcing the Production Code. Lots of strange stuff in that Alice in Wonderland feature, and lots of missteps. The makeup hid the faces of the many famous costars, making them almost unrecognizable. And I understand that a young Ida Lupino was considered for the role of Alice. Though that side of roast beef with a human on it face still sticks in my mind. And Gary Cooper comes off very well as the White Knight.