Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Adventures of Sam Spade: The Betrayal in Bumpass Hell Caper

I've already hyped this one (see previous post), but I'll say it again. This is one hell of a good episode. Sam has a Western pulp mag in his pocket and reads the story "Betrayal in Bumpass Hell" as he fights crime.

Red Gillis was a rawboned 'poke from the border country, the tale begins. He was a stranger to Bumpass Hell, but he was no stranger to trouble. 

Yes, "The Betrayal in Bumpass Hell Caper" is two stories for the price of one, and they're both free. Give a listen as you fight unsightly dandruff with Wildroot Cream-Oil, the non-alcoholic hair tonic that contains lanolin. 

The Betrayal in Bumpass Hell Caper, Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Craig Clarke said...

I like the Spade series, but I'd never heard this one before. Thanks for sharing. What a great listen! I especially like the part at the beginning with Sam's "I can do that better." As one who also likes to read his Westerns aloud (to whomever is listening, even just myself), I can relate. :)

Evan Lewis said...

Thanks, Craig. I think all the Howard Duff episodes are great, but this one - along with The Khandi Tooth (the sequel to The Maltese Falcon) are my favorites.

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