Friday, October 30, 2009

Pulps for Halloween: The Devil Made Me Do It

Surely this swanky Belarski babe wouldn't want to shoot our hero Candid Jones. Must be Mr. Beelzebub (or some bozo trying out his Halloween costume in April) urging her on.

We talked about Richard Sale's wiseguy reporter Daffy Dill some time back. Well, Sale had another series going in DFW about insurance investigator and photographer Candid Jones. And on occasion Daffy and Candid would team up on a case, producing a special event worthy of an exclamation point.

This particular novelette is told entirely through letters (by both Candid and Daffy), newspaper articles, telephone messages, telegrams and radio broadcasts. Sale was having a wild time.


Laurie Powers said...

Dang, I was hoping that you were going to say that I made you do it. But I guess the Devil must have his due. This Richard Sale sounds interesting.

Evan Lewis said...

Well, it was the Devil AND you, Laurie. Sale wrote hundreds of pulp stories, mostly detective and adventure. Haven't heard of any westerns, but it wouldn't shock me. He DID write the western novel The White Buffalo and the TV series Yancy Derringer.