Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Story With No Name Part 12 by Chuck Tyrell

Yep, Mr. Chuck (Charlie Whipple) Tyrell has posted Part 12 of this epic over at Charlie's Tokyo West Blog, and our tale is now officially going places. I suggest you mosey over there and find out where. Part 13 will be penned (just in time for Halloween) by either I.J. Parnham, Jack Giles or yours truly.

Parts 1-10 have been coralled for your convenience at The Culbin Trail.
Part 11 appears on Jack's Open Range.

For the line-up of authors, scroll on down to the wretched piece of pulp cover art I posted with last week's notice.


Laurie Powers said...

I don't think any piece of pulp art is wretched. But then that's me. I love this cowboy head shot, by the way. Very Tom Mix-y.

Evan Lewis said...

Good eye, Laurie. I believe that IS Mr. Mix.