Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Story With No Name Part 10 by Paul Dellinger

The saga of Walt Arnside continues, this time over at Laurie's Wild West, in the capable hands of my fellow Owlhoot Paul Dellinger. Our treasure hunters face still more twists and turns in this latest installment, and where it will end no one knows. Do not fail to bop over and check it out. Laurie also provides links to the first 9 parts.

As of this writing, Part 11 of this Wild Bunch Wednesday Story Challenge is still up for grabs. Are you up to the challenge? To join the ranks of I.J. Parnham, Jack Giles, Chuck Tyrell, Evan Lewis, Jack Martin, James J. Griffin, Joseph A. West, Robert S. Napier, Richard Prosch and Paul Dellinger, just say so in a comment on Laurie's blog.

Editor's Note: Rumors surfaced last year in the pages of the Old West APA (amateur press association) OWLHOOT that Paul Dellinger once worked as a pulp magazine cover model. The allegations are thus far unsubstantiated, but the claim jumping victim on this cover of Big-Book Western does bear an uncanny resemblance to Paul, while the guy trying to remove his head looks a lot like Owlhoot Richard Moore (the reviewer of the Richard Boone bio).

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