Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Behind the BLACK MASK with Whitfield, Gardner, Torrey & Coxe

Ever wonder what Raoul Whitlfield, Erle Stanley Gardner, Roger Torrey and George Harmon Coxe were up to back in September 1934? Well, wonder no more, because here's the scoop from that month's issue of Black Mask. (My copy is coverless, so I borrowed the pic above from Galactic Central.)

(click to enlarge)


Walker Martin said...

Reading this about four of the BLACK MASK writers reminds me once again that the great market that used to exist for fiction writers is so completely gone. Think of it, there used to be hundreds of pulp titles, slick magazines, literary magazines that provided all types of quality fiction. I guess that just about explains why I continue to collect and read the old magazines.

Sorry, but the e-zines just cannot compare to BLACK MASK, DIME DETECTIVE, DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY.

George said...

What great writers BLACK MASK had in their stable! I fear today's writers just don't have the outlets for their work.

Deka Black said...

Not only noir %& crime fiction? How about the weird and macabre (i'm talking about Weird Tales, yes).

Charles Gramlich said...

Oh yes, there was such a wealth of cool stuff then. We have it probably today, but not easy to find, very widely distrubted, and without those great covers.