Saturday, October 2, 2010

Loll Not Out the Tongue and other commandments from George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior, Part 4

OK, all you cheek-puffers, lip-thrusters and tongue-lollers. Father George is putting you on alert. Also due for a spanking: You social pariahs who dare to read books in the company of others. For shame.

16. Do not puff up the cheeks, loll not out the tongue with the hands or beard, thrust out the lips or bite them, or keep the lips too open or too close.

17. Be no flatterer, neither play with any that delight not to be played withal.

18. Read no letter, books, or papers in company, but when there is a necessity for the doing of it, you must ask leave; come not near the books or writings of another so as to read them unless desired, or give your opinion of them unasked. Also look not nigh when another is writing a letter.

19. Let your countenance be pleasant but in serious matters somewhat grave.

20. The gestures of the body must be suited to the discourse you are upon.

For more swell social advice from George, click HERE


Deka Black said...

Some points of thw whole list remember me of a very hated teacher in my school days. Pity the kid who was catched by his anger!

Richard R. said...

I think I have one he'd have included if he lived now:

Do not speak into your cell phone in the presence of others, nor gesture with face or hands in their presence withou speaking directly to them, nor read nor send text messages while in the company of others or while driving your vehicle.

Or something like that...

Evan Lewis said...

I see a new bestseller coming... Richard Robinson's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior.

Charles Gramlich said...

uh oh again. I read in front of others all the time.

Deka Black said...

One rule what should be included in the list is: Don't cut cherry trees. Because in the future, this act, will be cradle of some of the worst jokes produced by human mind.

Laurie Powers said...

I'm with Richard, especially on the Do not text or receive texts while in the company of others. It's ruder than hell.

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