Saturday, October 30, 2010

DISCOUNT NOIR: Inside and Out

There's a lot of talk about this new eBook on the Internet - as you might expect considering that almost all of the 42 contributors are bloggers - but there are two things I've yet to see: A) A list of the stories, and B) the back cover. So here they are.

But first, a commercial. As you may have noticed elsewhere on this page, Untreed Reads is currently offering 25% off on Discount Noir - a special price of $4.49 - but only through tomorrow! To buy now, click HERE.

Now, about the stories. Most of them (including mine) appeared on various blogs last November as part of a flash fiction challenge. I read them all that day, and they were all great. Well, the book is even better, because it contains fourteen new tales written especially for this collection. Near as I can tell, the all-new stories are those by Sophie Littlefield, Ed Gorman, Laura Benedict, Bill Crider, Toni McGee Causey, Jeff Vande Zande, James Reasoner, Kyle Minor, Sandra Scoppettone, Donna Moore, Dave Zeltserman, Anne Fraiser, Chris Grabenstein and J.T. Ellison.

Here's the whole list:
What Was Heavy? by Sophie Littlefield
One in the Big Box by Kieran Shea
The Black Friday of Daniel Maddox by Chad Eagleton
The Holiday Spirit by Ed Gorman
Acceptance by Cormac Brown
Aubergine by Fleur Bradley
Concrete Jungle by Alan Griffiths
Loss by Patricia Abbott
Tenderloin by Laura Benedict
Freak Shift by Garnett Elliott
Inside Man by Eric Beetner
The Bayou Beast: A Requiem by Jack Bates
Their Fancies Lightly Turned . . . by Bill Crider
Thirty-One Hundred by Loren Eaton
WWGD? by John DuMond
Part-Time by John McFetridge
Cold Feet by Toni McGee Causey
A Fish Called Lazarus by Jeff Vande Zande
House Names by James Reasoner
A New Game by Kyle Minor
Getting Messed Up by Randy Rohn
Discount Primrose by Todd Mason
Super People of Megamart by Bryon Quertermous
Heinie Man by Sandra Scoppettone
In and Out by Stephen D. Rogers
Code Adam by Steve Weddle
Skyler Hobbs and the Rollback Bandit by Evan Lewis
Black Friday by Daniel B. O’Shea
The Gimmick by Sandra Seamans
The Hideous Lime Green Truth by Albert Tucher
Mondays and Thursdays by Donna Moore
Friday Night and the Tijuana Wolfman by John Weagly
Pink Tidal Wave by Keith Rawson
Need a Hand? by Gerald So
Hope You’re Having Yourself an Especially Grand Time by Dave Zeltserman
Megamartyres by Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen
The Tin Foil Heist by Jay Stringer
Crack House by Anne Fraiser
Secret Identity by Kathleen A. Ryan
A Place Marked Malmart by Eric Peterson
For One Night Only by Chris Grabenstein
Have You Seen Me? by J.T. Ellison

And now, the never-before seen BACK COVER of Discount Noir!


Alan Griffiths said...

Thanks for a nice post Evan; for me it's such a thrill to be part of this project.

Kind regards.

Deka Black said...

For some reason, te cover makes me feel scared of malls.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We have a second review on Amazon now. Thanks for doing what I should have done. I am finding it awkward to publicize it though. Better to depend on the 41 others a bit.

Richard said...

when will the print version be available?

Charles Gramlich said...

Got my copy last night, though with all the new good stuff coming in I don't know when I'm going to be able to get through all this reading.

Evan Lewis said...

The print version is available as soon as you receive the eBook version and print it. Or until it becomes such a monster hit that traditional publishers can't resist.

David Cranmer said...

An impressive list of talent.

Anonymous said...

I just need a little explanation, would anyone care to elaborate on the last comment?
I don't I'll be posting much more here for a while. But then again, I have no idea when I would want to be random again.
How come some websites, like yours, appear all the way on the bottom of ranks with such engaging content?
This page lacks some funny comments. Know any jokes?

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