Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Conan of Pastichia





Anonymous said...

Yeah, who the hell were these guys??

I first heard of Conan and Howard from the comics (Roy Thomas was probably the best of the Howard wannabes). I bought the big 12 volumes from Ace and already knew the legend was pretty padded. Then the Batam 6 came out. I was skeptical but the Conan the Swordsman book of shorts was the best writing deCamp and Carter did together. I kind of liked Andrew J Offutt but then the guy just dropped out of sight in the 80s (or did I just like the illustrations by Moroto in his books). That series got a little thin.

Then, after the movie, the Tor books came out and I just couldn't stomach them. The movies were pretty bad, Roy Thomas left the comics and there were these things. While Howard was mostly out of print.

Dan Luft

Charles Gramlich said...

The Renegade was OK. I've heard maddox roberts is the best pasticher but haven't found his conan stuff too compelling.

Deka Black said...

John Maddox Roberts? The same from a couple of historic detective novels set in ancient Rome?

Richard R. said...

COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC but a very. very Happy New Year to you both!!! and to all your readers.

Evan Lewis said...

Been so long since I read these I don't remember which authors I liked best (or least). I'm pretty sure I have ALL the Conan pastiches, though, so may someday try them again.

Saw the first Schwarzenegger movie again recently, and it stunk far worse than I remembered.

Looked up Roberts on Abebooks. Appears he did indeed write some Roman novels, about which I know nothing.

H.N.Y. to you and Wife, too, Rick!

Deka Black said...

Then is the same, yes. I higly recommend you his rome novels. Good read, with a couple of very hilarious quotes comingfrom the main character.

Marilyn said...

I would read these books just for the covers alone. Amazing. Glad to know about Roberts and the books set in ancient Rome, my favorite historical setting.