Wednesday, December 15, 2010

La Ronde Pt. 11 (THE END) by Dan Fleming - A FREE Podcast at Sniplits - AND - A Kick-Ass Review of BEAT to a PULP: Round One

Yep, La Ronde has come to its last round-up, and Dan Fleming burns the house down in the final chapter, "Problems in the Final Act." If you've been keeping up, buzz on over and check it out, right HERE. If not, here's your ticket to whole thing:

Part 1: The Dish Ran Away With the Spoon by Patti Abbott
Part 2: Blinded by the Brilliance of his Own Reflection by Dana King
Part 3: Provocateur by K.A. Laity
Part 4: Enter the Fat Lady by Sandra Seamans
Part 5: It's a Dog's Life by Rob Kitchin   
Part 6: The Lesser Evil by Evan Lewis
Part 7: Mirror Image by Eric Beetner
Part 8: La Ronde by Nigel Bird
Part 9: Knocked Out Loaded by Kassandra Kelly
Part 10: It's Raining Down in Texas by Graham Powell
Part 11: Problems in the Final Act by Dan Fleming

PLUS Sniplits is offering a free podcast of a creepy-cool tale of evil doings and love after death by Kassandra Kelly. Give a listen to "The Blesser" right HERE

AND In other news, Ron Scheer delivers a long and insightful review of BEAT to a PULP: Round One over at the always-amazing Buddies in the Saddle. Check it out, then read the book!


pattinase (abbott) said...

What a nice summary, Evan.

Richard R. said...

Hmmm. Well, thanks for the links.