Sunday, April 11, 2021

FOOTLIGHT PARADE Pin-ups - part 1 (1933)


Matthew Clark said...

The best of Busby Berkeley's pre-code musical extravaganzas with Cagney at his best. At one point, Joan Blondell and Cagney have come up with a new idea for a dance number and need to rush to the rehearsal hall. She asks, "Do you have a cab waiting?", and Jimmy fires back, "I always have a cab waiting!"

Lt. Lothar Zogg said...

Svengoolie showed a pre-code picture on his cable show a few weeks ago- "Mystery of the Wax Museum". One of the main characters was a female newspaper reporter played by Glenda Farrell. She was a hard-drinking wise-ass, always looking for 'a slug of gin'. I had never appreciated how wild some of the pre-code movies were.