Saturday, April 17, 2021


Hawkshaw the Detective, in case you're wondering, began life back in 1910 as Sherlocko the Monk. Sherlock was a spin-off of Gus Mager's strip Knocko the Monk, which featured various characters that were supposed to be monkeys, but looked mighty dang human. When the strip jumped to another syndicate in 1913, it was renamed Hawkshaw the Detective, where it ran until 1922. The strip now featured humans who sometimes looked a little monkish, rather than the other way around. After a two-year break, it ran in still another syndicate for six months, once again under the Sherlocko name. Then it went dark again until 1931, when it landed with the United Features Syndicate, as Hawkshaw. There it thrived until 1952.

I posted some of those very early Sherlocko strips here ten years ago. You can find them HERE

These reprints, from a year yet undetermined, appeared in Comics on Parade #40 in 1943, and was scanned for ComicBookPlus by Mr. freddyfly.

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