Thursday, April 29, 2021

Will Murray's DOC SAVAGE - Part 5 (The End, so far!)

In 2015, in another of my favorite adventures - ranking right up there, and maybe even eclipsing - Skull Island, Doc met The Master of Darkness, And not only did he did meet him again a few books later, but sister Pat got her own adventure, too. 

Mr. Murray has been mining other veins for the past couple years - with Tarzan and The Spider, but I suspect he ain't yet done with Doc. Time will tell. Will he find a way for Doc to team up with The Lord of the Jungle? I hope so! That one would be up there in my top three Doc favorites, for sure.

I was hoping to see a new Shadow series from Will, but that seems unlikely - at least for a while - because the rights have been granted to the James Patterson fiction machine, and some accomplice named Brian Sitts is writing a present day adventure of our hero. Sounds like a bad idea to me.

(also includes the story "The Valley of Eternity")

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