Friday, August 14, 2009

Ellery Preening.

The contract came in the mail yesterday.

“Dear Mr. Lewis,” the cover letter said, “your story, SKYLER HOBBS AND THE RABBIT MAN, has been selected for inclusion in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine.” There was more, of course, but it was hard to read while jumping up and down whinnying like a wild stallion. I’d received email notification a few days earlier, but there was always the chance some merry prankster (the name Cap’n Bob Napier comes to mind) was yanking my chain.

The story’s about a guy who lives right here in Portland, Oregon (on SW Baker St), and is convinced he’s the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes. I had a great time indulging my Sherlockian side and poking fun at all things Portland. The story will appear in the February 2010 issue of EQMM.

I also look forward to seeing my tall tale, “The Devil and Strap Buckner” in the first volume of Kerby Jackson’s Six Guns & Shootouts. Strap Buckner was a real-life member of the Austin Colony who became a Texas legend. Google the title (it’s been used before) for earlier versions of the story.

Gotta go rub Ben-Gay on my arm now. It aches something terrible from patting myself on the back.


Nik said...

Congratulations on a prestigious sale! That edition promises to be a collectors' item too.

Dave Lewis said...

Thanks Nik. I'll admit I had no hope of getting into EQMM. Just figured I'd send my story to the big mags first and work my way down.