Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lone Ranger 2, Tonto 1

Yep, Tonto got shortchanged in the Marx Lone Ranger Ranch playset (from 1956). The set included two poses of the Ranger and only one of him. How could be expected to ride to town and get beat up when he was stuck in this cigar store pose? Still, these are very nicely detailed 60mm figures. You can almost see Clayton Moore behind the mask(s). And the separate soft rubber saddle and bridle make Silver look really cool. Everybody say "Hi Yo."


Richard Prosch said...

Wow! I had the later Marvel comics MARX figures, but a friend of mine had his older brother's western toys and figures, and I'm almost certain Tonto was in there. That saddle and bridle is really neat.

I've linked to you from my blog Dave. Keep up the great posts!

Dave Lewis said...

Thanks Richard. Got you on my list now too. Never had the Lone Ranger set, but I had The Alamo, The Civil War, Zorro and others. Marx had some true artists sculpting those figures.