Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gun Play: Mattel Fanner 50

I had a lot of cap guns when I was a little kid. And now that I'm a big kid I have a lot more than that. But the number one choice for my holster has always been the classic Mattel Fanner 50. Introduced in 1957, the Fanner remained the anchor of the Mattel cap gun line well into the late sixties. The early Fanners, like these, had a realistic nickel finish. Several variations in finish, grips, size and function were introduced over the years. We'll take a look at many of them, and other nonlethal weapons from my armory, as the Almanack rolls merrily along.


BJ said...

I had a Fanner 50 myself. Only problem was I'm left handed and my parents got me a right leg holster. Did get pretty fast on the draw with my right. Eventually I wound up with a two gun rig tied down and ready for action. Never got as fast left handed though

Evan Lewis said...

Probably a good thing, as I'll wager it saved the lives of a lot of kids in your neighborhood.

Cap'n Bob said...

I had one of those common cap guns, with the steer head on the grips. Kilgore, maybe. I was a pretty fast draw, though.